Getting To Know You by Lili Sinclair-Williams

*This post contains affiliate links

‘Getting To Know You’ is the first ebook from Lili Sinclair-Williams; a trained cognitive hypnotherapist based in London.

Lili is the founder of LSW Mind Cards, which I’ve talked about on the blog before. After forging a successful career in film and TV, and feeling overworked and being surrounded by people suffering from burnout and stress, she embarked on a career change; and LSW Mind Cards was born.

With the success of the positive pick-me-up cards, Lili expanded her store with her first book; which I received for free in exchange for this review.

‘Getting To Know You’ is a short book at just 30 pages – great if you don’t want to sit through a 200 page self help book.  Because it’s accessible and short, you can save it to your phone and jump to the pages you need at any time.

The book has a lot of journal prompts scattered throughout, and as a result is a lot more interactive than other self help books I’ve read. Starting with asking the reader to think up a happy childhood memory; the prompts in the book help with self-reflection and gratitude. It’s easy to see the benefits of journaling once you’ve worked through the ones in this book.

Perhaps the most important part of any book is the message I take away afterwards. ‘Getting To Know You’ doesn’t leave you with a lost and empty ‘now what?’ feeling I’ve felt with many mental health books before. The book also refrains from giving you stuffy outdated advice about how to be happy, which I appreciated.

‘Getting To Know You’ is a short and sweet book that introduces you to the world of journaling and self-reflection; but without overwhelming you with psychotherapy jargon. And for just £3.95 I think it’s great value for money, too.

I also listened to the relaxation recording available on the LSW store. I hold a lot of tension in my head and shoulders, and try to listen to guided meditation whenever I feel like I need help slowing down. But on my worst days, sometimes even the best guided meditation doesn’t completely relax me. On the LSW recording Lili speaks softly and clearly and the mic quality is great. I would definitely pair the recording with the journal prompts to help with deeper self-reflection and get the ultimate relaxation experience.

I hope Lili expands the store further and adds more recordings in the future. After listening to the recording I felt refreshed and ready to take on a huge to-do list, so I would definitely recommend it to others.

If you buy the ebook or recording through my links, please let me know. I’d love to know what you thought of them!


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