November 2019 Round Up

November came and went in a blur – hence why this post is up 2 days late!

I wrote my first ever paid post! I’m really proud of my accomplishment and it really boosted my self esteem this month. The extra bit of cash was so helpful as well because my washing machine and boiler broke this month, and there’s been a lot of stress over that. But now I’m back living in the 21st century and it’s made me realise how much we take things, like a warm house, for granted.

It’s December now, I’ve got the tree up (yay!) but not started Christmas shopping yet. I’m really looking forward to all the Christmas markets and festive events coming up soon; I need to have some fun this month.

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What I’m reading: Because of all the house problems and the fact that I don’t know where this month has gone – I’ve only managed to finish Siddartha, which I started at the end of October! I was feeling nostalgic and picked up Alice in Wonderland the other day, which I think is a perfect book to read over Christmas. I also got a few Shirley Jackson books on offer recently. Not very festive, but I’m not waiting until next Halloween to read them!

What I’m watching: Rick and Morty is back! I’m gutted I can’t binge season 4 in one sitting because we’re only getting one episode a week on Channel 4, but I love what we’ve got so far. I hope Summer gets a bigger role this season; I really enjoy the episodes where she tags along on the adventures. I’ve also started watching the Lost in Space remake on Netflix and I’m getting into it. I love anything sci-fi so that’s no surprise really.

What I’m playing: Ollie and I have both been feeling nostalgic lately, so the Xbox 360 has made a reappearance in our house. We’ve started playing GTA: San Andreas again and it brought me right back to my childhood. I found a list of cheats and there’s something morbidly fun about flying a car as high as it can go, and then playing parachute chicken. Thank god there’s so much to do in the game, because I cannot follow that damn train.

What I’m listening to: I’ve listened to the All Out 90s playlist on Spotify a few times this month. But now we’re in December; it’s Christmas Crackers all the way.

Favourite blog post: I read ‘How to Prevent Anxiety at Christmas’ by Elli Johnson. It made me realise how much pressure I put on myself every year to make it ‘the best Christmas ever’. This year, I’m only focusing on what’s important to me, instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Goals for December: I’m working on my fitness now. It was neglected while I was juggling all the house issues and trying to get out of a bad place mentally. I’m feeling better than I did in October, and I think regular exercise is going to help me with that. Now to find something I like, and commit!


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