The Mental Health Benefits of Scrapbooking*

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*This is a sponsored post

Last year I wrote about creative outlets for managing mental health. I wanted to expand on one of the hobbies listed, as it’s a personal interest of mine and something I definitely want to explore more.

I first heard about scrapbooking from Parks and Recreation, and my first thought was ‘That’s a lot of binders’. But now I think Leslie Knope might have been on to something.

Scrapbooking is a great and easy way to get into arts and crafts. And it doesn’t matter what your skill level is, or how creative you are, because there are tons of great resources out there to help you get started.

Design Bundles offer a huge range of backgrounds, templates, quotes, and graphics. There’s something for every theme, you’ll never run out of scrapbook ideas! My personal favourite are these vintage maps backgrounds – I’ve wanted to create a travel themed scrapbook for ages, and these are perfect for what I have in mind!

The best part about Design Bundles is that you don’t need to wait on a delivery – just buy the products you love and you’ll get a digital download straight away! There a tons of svg files on their website to choose from. This means you can use the designs for anything you like – phone backgrounds, card making, and so much more. But today I wanted to focus on scrapbooking specifically.

Scrapbooking, like other creative hobbies, is a great expressive outlet that’s proven to positively benefit our mental health. But there’s other elements to scrapbooking that for me, make it a top self care activity:

De-cluttering your space can help clear your mind, and if you’re starting a scrapbook and need photos, now would be a good time to organise them. Especially digital photo storage; you’ve probably got so many photos you meant to delete, but are clogging up storage space on your computer anyway.

It’s also a fun activity than you can do alone or with other people. Self care is different for everybody but the great thing about scrapbooking is that it doesn’t have to be solitary. It can be as social as you need it to be, or not at all.

Personally I think the best thing about scrapbooking is the trip down memory lane. My travel scrapbooks – one for every country I’ve visited – will help me remember some of the best times of my life when I’m not in a good place. They’re comforting to look back on, but more customisable and personalised than just scrolling through the photos on my computer. Reminiscing on better times helps pull me out of a dark place.

Scrapbooks also make great gifts, as handmade gifts are so thoughtful and personal. It increases our feeling of self-worth, and it’s a great to create and share something you’re proud of. And with so many ideas and inspiration out there, it’s never been easier to start.

scrapbook scrapbooking arts crafts handmade photo photos map maps travel creative mental health stress self care

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

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