3 Ways to Look After the Planet and Your Mental Health

3 Ways to Look After the Planet and Your Mental Health

Climate change has become a major problem, and we are now living with the devastating consequences of ignoring it. The impending doom is affecting everyone, but it becomes particularly difficult for those with mental health problems. We feel like the world is going to end when we burn our toast – so how are we supposed to cope with the prospect of global warming? It’s a big enough responsibility to take care of ourselves, and with the pressure for everyone to be doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint; how can you take care of the planet while also taking care of yourself?


Volunteering doesn’t have to be a grind. Small acts of kindness are proven to positively benefit our mental heath. It’s like a small act of kindness for the planet, and it also gives you a real feeling of community and self-worth while working to improve the area you live in. Different volunteering opportunities depend on where you live. You could take part in a beach clean up, raise funds for a conservation charity, or help maintain your local parks.

Get out in nature

Most of us spend a large chunk of our day with technology, and it’s not good for our mental health. Instead of falling down the Netflix rabbit hole, head outside and see what nature has to offer. Spending more time outside and away from screens has numerous mental health benefits.

Reuse and recycle

Retail therapy is a go to when you’re feeling down, but it’s not good for our bank balance – or the planet. Fast fashion is the second largest polluter in the world, and you don’t need to look hard to find several alarming statistics on the wasteful fast fashion industry. Learn how to repair items before replacing them, shop local and second hand where you can, and work on changing your mindset that new things = happiness. Earth doesn’t need any more cheap polyester in landfills.

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