7 Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

team of office employees working on a project together laughing

Today’s post is a guest post by Kayla Montgomery:

In the United States, over 46% of adults experience a mental health illness during their lifetime. And as over one-third of the estimated 157 million working American’s life is spent at work; leaders are realizing the importance of cultivating a positive working environment. Anxiety, stress, and depression can be the result of long work hours, job insecurity, and unrealistic workloads. 

As companies are starting to realize the impact they have on employee’s overall health, they are pushing to cultivate positive mental health and show support for their employees. Lacking in these areas can amount to over $1 trillion in lost funds due to poor cognitive performance, engagement, communication, and overall productivity. 

Raising awareness around this topic can further execute the right course of action. Fundera has created a list and infographic explaining 7 ways to implement this into your company culture:

Offer an Employees Assistance Program

Offering opportunities like an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help poor mental issues before it fully ignites by speaking about personal and work-related issues with a professional. 

Distribute Workloads Properly

Managing your team’s time accordingly can alleviate stress and scarcity from job insecurity by allocating enough time to complete tasks and meet deadlines. 

Foster a Positive Company Culture

Be there for your team through the peaceful and difficult times to cultivate a stable and supportive environment.

Encourage Inclusion and Collaboration

Provide a collaborative working environment by having lunch together, an open workspace, and adding team-building exercises to their schedules.

Host Seminars and Workshops

Make sure to provide helpful resources, educating your staff on what poor mental health is, signs to look out for, and how to handle the situation.

Nurture a Safe and Productive Atmosphere

Add plants to the office, provide quiet areas, and accommodate for well-lit work stations are just a couple ways to a safe and productive environment for your team. 

Conduct Anonymous Surveys

Offering anonymous surveys can uncover improvements that can be made to enhance company practices. 

7 Powerful Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

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