The 5 Best Jobs for Introverts

the best jobs for an introvert to do
Job hunting can be stressful, but as an introvert, finding a job that suits your lifestyle is on a whole other level. With their ability to charm and command a room, most careers seem exclusive to the extroverted. While introverts find the task of job hunting and fitting into a work environment a much harder task. Talking to customers all day can be draining. Loud, busy spaces are too much, and small talk is the absolute worst. A lot of introverts suffer from ‘work hangovers’, which can cause burnout.
But as a fellow introvert, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to be an extrovert to succeed. Aggressive, fast paced environments aren’t for us, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of options. Many companies are now recognising the value of introverted employees: we’re introspective, detail oriented, and thrive in environments a typical extrovert would hate. So if you need help choosing the right career path, here are 5 of the best jobs for introverts:


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way – libraries are quiet, and you’re surrounded by books all day. Working in a library is a bookish introverts dream. Most of your time is spent cataloguing and filing, although you will have to interact with customers face-to-face. But it doesn’t have the same high intensity as typical retail. 


No need to worry about making small talk when you work with animals, they don’t care for chats about the weather. There’s a lot of variety in this industry. You could be a dog groomer, animal trainer, zookeeper, or work at a rescue shelter. Or if you’re committed to studying, you could even be a vet.


We all know the ‘IT guy’ stereotype. And if the shoe fits, then why not join the industry? IT are usually left to work on their own with little interference. Now and again you may need to help someone face to face, but once you’re done you can retreat right back to your lair. If you’re a logical, analytical introvert and have a good eye for detail, this one’s for you.


Working from home in your pyjamas? Sign me up! If you have a skill you can monetise and can’t stand commuting or co-workers, consider freelancing. The downside is that all the work is on you: the marketing, admin, and accounting. You have to be self-motivated, but freelancing can help push you out of your comfort zone.


Outdoorsy introverts can’t stand being stuck in an office all day. Most would prefer to be away from draining crowds and noise and work in nature. Spending time outside improves mental health, and you usually work on your own or in very small teams. Careers include forestry, groundskeeping, conservation, or landscape gardening.
I hope this list helped you decide the right career for you. Not every introverted job is perfect for every introvert, so it depends on the individual. It’s all about giving something a go and finding out what most aligns with your lifestyle and goals. Remember it’s never too late to change career paths. so if you’re feeling stuck or indecisive, take a leap of faith and see where you end up.
best jobs for an introvert to do

One thought on “The 5 Best Jobs for Introverts

  1. Great post. I’m an introvert (though I like some extroverted activities) and prefer jobs where I can ‘get on with it’, not have too much interaction and be able to work using my own initiative. I’d love a librarian job to be honest or something outdoorsy – palentology has always been one of my interests.


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