Supporting Companies That Promote Mental Health Awareness

mental health awareness stickers positivity self care moods

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Although mental health stigma is still very much alive and well, more and more companies are joining the fight and creating products aimed at increasing awareness and starting conversations about mental illness. There are tons of small businesses with this goal which you can read about in my gift guide, but today I wanted to talk about one in particular.

Moods is a company founded and run by college students, they initially created Vine themed stickers. But this soon grew as their main demographic had one shared growing concern: mental health.

It is said that 50% of mental health problems are established by age 14, and 75% by age 24. These are alarming statistics, which is why so many people ask the question – what can we do?

The great thing about a lot of companies creating products to promote mental health awareness and self care is that in most cases, they donate a share of the profits to mental health charities. So when you buy from Moods, you’re not only spreading awareness, but your money is going to Active Minds, which focuses on mental education, research, and advocacy for young people.

Unfortunately, as of writing this, Moods only ship to the US. Hopefully in the near future they will expand to international shipping, because I’ve already picked out my favourite stickers!

I’ve included links below, what are your favourites?

Radiate Positivity

radiate positivity sunflower happiness art drawing mental health quote

Still Growing

still growing flowers art drawing mental health quote

Grow Through What You Go Through

black and white rose sticker drawing art mental health quote

Just Breathe

just breathe sun rainbow mental health quote

You can also use the code ‘Zoe20‘ to get a 20% discount! If you’re in the US, what are you waiting for? Go and support this great small business and know that your money is going to a worthy cause.

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mental health awareness stickers brands moods self care positivity
Supporting Companies That Promote Mental Health Awareness – Post on No Light Without Darkness

3 thoughts on “Supporting Companies That Promote Mental Health Awareness

      1. These are so lovely. It’s so important to break the mental health stigma and to see companies do it in a respectful, meaningful way is awesome! Thanks for sharing. (:


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