A Small Business Self Care Gift Guide

small business self care gift guide christmas presents etsy

DISCLAIMER: All products marked with a * were sent to me in exchange for a feature. This post contains affiliate links.

The run up to Christmas has begun, and October is around the time I start looking for the perfect gifts for people. Christmas can be a hectic time of year which is why a self care product can be a thoughtful gift to give, or even to treat yourself with!

This is my round up of the best self care gifts. And buying any of the below items will help support a small, independent business!


Fiona Likes to Blog

Fiona Thomas is a freelance writer, blogger, and creator of ‘You Got This’ zine* sold on Etsy, featuring articles and interviews from other bloggers as well as Fiona. The clean, minimalist design, the optimistic articles, and the feel good quotes and affirmations every couple of pages make these zines such great pick me ups when you’re feeling down.

She also sells stickers, pins, and t shirts centered around mental health. The ‘crying but trying’ t shirt is definitely on my wish list!

Fiona has also written a book, Depression in a Digital Age: The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism. It’s due to be released on the 20th November 2018, and would be the perfect self care gift for a bookworm.



Check out her store here. Shipping to the UK is free!



Cara’s Corner

Cara is a mental health nurse and an active campaigner for mental health awareness. As a creative person, it was only natural that she started an Etsy shop selling her work which focus on mental health and self care. The mini pocket self care boxes are perfect for helping someone slow down and focus on themselves. 50p from each box sold will be donated to Mind, so you’re also helping to support a great cause. She also sells separate mental health stickers and self care cards, of which 20p of each pack sold is donated to Mind.


Shop Cara’s creations here.



Isabella & Us – Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums

This zine is all about promoting positive wellbeing for mums and mums-to-be. This would be a really great gift for the new mum in your life, as their health and wellbeing is often forgotten at the arrival of a new baby. It’s a stressful time in life – and that’s when self care is most important!


Order the zine here.


Chalk & Moss

Chalk & Moss create a variety of products that are all natural and sustainable, their focus is mainly on wellbeing. the items recommended to me were the copper water bottle – great for cutting down on unnecessary plastic – and the meditation/yoga mat and cushion.

meditation mat_7080__carry-HIGH_organiccompany_chalkandmoss

Buy gifts and jewellery here.



Hope & Heal

Hope & Heal is a small Etsy store selling inspirational typography prints. Some of them are film quotes but most of them are motivational quotes that would be a welcome gift to someone in your life who needs words of encouragement.


Order the prints here.



Ruth in Revolt

Ruth is a new face in the blogging world but has already made a huge impact in the community, and it was only recently I discovered that she also has an Etsy store. Ruth sells cute prints to remind us that we’ve got this, and the newest product in her store is a mug – and mugs always make great gifts!


Shop the latest products here.


So that’s my round up of great self care gifts for 2018 supporting a small business. Leave a comment if you bought anything from this list – I’d love to hear your support for small businesses!


What’s the best self care gift you’d like to receive?

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