Am I Running Out of Time?

running out of time pressure to succeed achieve young work hard

Every weekend is time away from my regular job that I get to cram as much writing work in as possible. Working on something I’m passionate about that doesn’t pay is hard, and it’s made even harder when it feels like the years are flying by so quickly.

I’m only 22, and I feel like my time for success is running out. I feel like I only have a couple of years before this great big imaginary deadline, when in reality if I’m fortunate to live long enough, I have an entire lifetime. I could publish my first novel when I’m 70 and it wouldn’t take away from my achievement, it wouldn’t mean I was a failure just because I chose to prioritise other things in life over it.

There’s a lot of pressure to achieve young; countless ‘30 Under 30’ lists and articles ending with “What have YOU achieved this year?”. In terms of success, it feels like we have very short lives. Yes, I’m working on my goals, but am I working fast enough? I’ve got so many things to juggle in life that sometimes the passion projects fall to the end of the pile, and I’m beginning to learn that that’s okay. There’s writing projects I haven’t touched in around 6 months, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never be finished.

I procrastinate a lot, but I’m also ambitious. For years it’s felt like two sides of myself have been fighting it out over what I should be doing with my free time; should I be growing and learning, or should I relax and unwind? There are countless goals in life I’d like to achieve, but even the smaller ones are half-finished. There’s always an excuse with me; I was busy, or I wasn’t feeling well. I’m starting to learn to be kinder to myself when I can’t complete a project or task as quickly as I wanted to, or if something is more difficult than I had imagined. A break is not the end.

If I can’t stay up until the wee hours working on something, and I can’t devote every minute of every weekend to a passion, does that mean I’m not passionate about it? Of course not! A project that takes someone three weeks to finish might take someone else three years, but that doesn’t detract from the dedication of the latter. Life gets in the way; we travel, we move, we start families, and we lose people. The important thing is to not lose sight of your goals throughout all that life gives and takes away from us.

Even if it takes 50 years, what matters is that you never gave up.




15 thoughts on “Am I Running Out of Time?

    1. I’m really glad it helped you, there’s so much pressure on people nowadays to achieve as quickly as possible without considering the factors that might slow someone down. You’re doing great, no matter how slowly, forwards is still forwards. 💛


  1. I relate to his much! I’ve finished uni but I have no idea what I want to do next and feel so much pressure. It’s important not to put that pressure on yourself. Everyone is different. Great post 🙌🏻

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    1. Thank you! I know it’s easy to say, but don’t worry about it. Some people don’t know what they want to do with their lives until their 50’s, there’s no rush to have it all figured out as soon as you’re out of uni. 💛

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  2. Love your post. I agree. Just because someone may approach something differently doesn’t mean that they are less passionate about it than anyone else as there are so many factors that can influence the way that we do things. Stay positive + hang tight + stay the course!

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  3. I really related to this, I am 18 yet I worry that I am not going to uni and I dont have an amazing career set in stone etc.. and productivity.. when really what we should be worrying about is health/family and living our lives. Of course being successful is important, but its all relative. I read a quote the other day about everyone having their own clock and its so true- some people have graduated got married and had kids by 30, others haven’t even decided on their career.
    Thanks for sharing! x

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