16 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Around

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We all have those days where it feels like we’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Where nothing is good enough for us, and everything seems to make us angry. Whatever your reasons, a bad day doesn’t have to last all day, here are the methods I use to turn it around and have a better day:

  • Have a hot drink

I have to blame my boyfriend for this one, this is his go-to when someone is down or stressed or angry. “Would you like a hot drink?” Now whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I stop everything and put the kettle on. You can tell we’re British.

  • Cuddle with a pet

Hugging your pet releases oxytocin, the ‘feel good’ hormone, so it’s scientifically proven that scooping your dog like a baby and calling him “The most handsome boy in the whole world” WILL make you feel better.

  • Talk to a friend

Sometimes your anger is valid, sometimes you’re just mad because you are – either way, having a good friend you know you can bitch and moan to is so comforting. You might feel better after you’ve got it out of your system, and you can enjoy some quality time with your friend instead of bottling it up alone.

  • Play a video game

You know a really safe way to release frustration? It feels really satisfying mowing down a horde of zombies or an army of aliens who threaten your very existence. Or you could play a gentle puzzle game if you’d rather avoid jump scares and violence.

  • Binge watch a TV show

If you’re in one of those ‘hide under the duvet’ moods, this is the one. You can start that new TV show you’ve been meaning to watch for ages, or go back and re-watch an old favourite. Don’t forget snacks!

  • Watch a film – old favourite or new

This is one of my personal favourites when I’m feeling low. I have a list of classic films I haven’t seen that are must-sees (I was born in 1995, give me a break!), so I always feels really accomplished if I cross one off. Though if I’m not in the mood for something new, there’s nothing an old Disney or Star Wars film can’t fix – an old favourite is the ultimate comfort blanket as it makes me feel like a little kid again.

  • Go for a walk

Getting outside and moving can really change your mood, sometimes you just need time away from screens and a bit of fresh air and quiet. Going for a walk alone really helps me process my thoughts, too.

  • Listen to loud music

Drowning out everything else with really loud music helps a lot more than it should. Have a mini party in your room and get yourself hyped up, you might even feel motivated afterwards!

  • Cry it out

When in doubt – cry it out. Sometimes we’ve just been holding in too many emotions for too long, and they need to come out. Never underestimate the benefit of a good cry.

  • Tidy your space

Often when I’m feeling stressed, it’s because my space is untidy. They say a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, after all. Take some time to make your bed, clear your shelves, and neaten everything, you’ll save yourself a lot of time looking for stuff if you know where everything is.

  • Make your favourite food

I was feeling run down the other day, so I baked some cookies. If ordering a pizza would erase your bad day at work – order the pizza!

  • Clean yourself up

If I’m feeling rubbish, I jump in the shower and get myself really clean. I’ll wash my hair, put on a face mask, and put on fresh, clean clothes. If you can find the energy, get out of the pyjamas you’ve been laying in for three days.

  • Dress up

And if you have a bit more energy – go the extra mile. I feel a lot more confident if I’ve applied a bit of makeup or wear my favourite over the knee suede boots. Wear what makes you look confident, and the mood often follows.

  • Make a plan

Planning always makes me feel better, because it gives me something to look forward to. It can be something big like planning to finally go on that dream holiday you’ve been putting off for years, or giving your room a makeover, or just picking a new, fun activity for the weekend. Life is short, don’t spend it wishing for a different one.

  • Sleep it off

Look, sometimes nothing works. Know when to call it a day, and hope tomorrow is better.

  • Re-evaluate your day

If you’re having more good days than bad days, it might be time to re-evaluate. Are your bad moods caused by an outside factor like your job, or a family member? Or is it time to see a doctor? Know when enough is enough, and when long walks and Disney films just aren’t cutting it any more.


Having a mental health problem is nothing to be ashamed of, and certainly not a weakness. To whoever is reading this: know you have the strength, today and everyday, to turn a bad day around.





11 thoughts on “16 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Around

  1. “Dress how you want to feel” is something I learned. Does not always work – especially if you start feeling self conscious and unsure why being complimented on superficial exterior only.

    Yoga sports leggings, hoodie and a tee-shirt are comfortable and good on “lazy days” – but also reinforce low mood and apathy as ‘visual metaphor of inner self’ (I noticed this eventually).


    1. I agree, it’s not 100% I’ll dress up to feel better but I get so self conscious because I feel like everyone is staring at me. But sometimes making an effort with my physical appearance does give me a confidence boost I needed.

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