Mental Health Problems That Occur During Pregnancy

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Today’s post is a guest post by Katy Hill:

Pregnancy is by and large a period of joy and enthusiastic prosperity for a lady. Nonetheless, for some ladies, pregnancy and parenthood increment their susceptibility to mental health problems, for example, depression, anxiety, dietary problems, and psychoses.

These conditions are frequently under-diagnosed in light of the fact that they are credited to pregnancy-related changes in maternal personality or physiology. It is also seen that women suffering from such conditions are not treated properly as many think that medications that may be administered may cause damage to the health of the baby.

Depression: The symptoms of depression during pregnancy are changes in sleeping habit, loss of appetite and loss of energy. The main problem with such symptoms is that these are also symptoms that are commonly faced by women who are pregnant. So, it takes time to distinguish what is the actual cause of the symptoms. The nature of depression varies during the pregnancy period. It is seen that it reaches a peak during the first and the third trimesters with a little improvement during the second trimester.

When such symptoms are noted in pregnant women they must seek medical help. They must not withdraw from having such help on the assumption that the medication administered will harm the child. Medical science has improved a lot and medicines are available which will relieve the mother and have little to no negative impact on the child.

The treatment imparted during pregnancy for such mental disorder is based on the same therapies as done in normal life. The only difference is in the selection of the drug so that no harm is done to the child. Along with providing medicinal help, the doctors guide pregnant mothers how to deal with the unique experience of pregnancy. Psychotherapies play a great part in offering the best of treatment in such cases.

Panic Disorder: This is another nature of mental health problem that is faced by pregnant women. It is not very clear why women face such a problem. It is assumed that there is a relationship between such mental disorder and amplified resistance in uterine artery blood flow.

The treatment may include pharmacological therapies. There are medicines like benzodiazepines which may be given. It is better to say at this juncture that none must have any medication without proper medical advice during pregnancy. There are non-pharmacological therapies also which may be advised by doctors. They may prescribe if they feel necessary treatments like therapy related to cognitive behavior, supportive psychotherapy, mothers may be taught ways to relax properly, they will be told about sleep hygiene and explained about a healthy diet.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: It is seen that pregnant women sometimes have thoughts which are disturbing but they cannot control to think such. This is the basic symptom of OCD. It is also seen that they follow some rituals repeatedly when having such mental disorder. Treatments for OCD which are administered during pregnancy are of similar nature as those in non-pregnant adults.

The treatment that may be undertaken will include therapy related to cognitive behavior and pharmacotherapy. Pregnant women having severe OCD can become quite ill and will require treatment. The treatment must not be delayed and the advice of doctors must be followed.

Anxiety Disorder: Expecting mothers have anxiety regarding the health of the baby that is growing inside her body. This is quite natural but in some cases, it can turn into a disorder. They become so conscious that they are always concerned about the baby. This excessive worry is what is called in medical term as generalized anxiety disorder. The treatments are based on therapies so that they can be made to understand that over thinking about the baby and complications causes more problems to herself and the baby than creating any comfort.

These are the main mental disorders that pregnant mothers face. The consultation with a doctor is of utmost importance. There are also certain steps that can be taken by the expecting mothers themselves:

The Steps That Mothers Can Take Themselves

 It is wise to know about the steps that expecting mothers can take which will help them to avoid or recover from mental health problems during pregnancy. It is important to relax properly and not cause themselves any unnecessary stress,  and not be afraid to lean on friends and family for support.


Author Bio: Katy Hill has worked with great doctors who have experience in dealing with the problems of pregnant ladies. To overcome such issues, she came up with the idea of creating pregnancy body pillows. This product gives comfort to mothers so that they can be comfortable all day and feel all the love and affection in their pregnancy. You can find out more on Facebook.

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