5 Ways To Care For Your Mental Health

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Talking therapy was one of the best things I’d ever done for my mental health, but if I’d chosen to access it through the NHS, I would have been at the bottom of a very, very long waiting list. Unfortunately, mental health services are still scarce, and a vast majority of them inaccessible to people due to the high cost of therapy. I chose to see a counsellor privately, for £45 per weekly session – and this was cheap for my area! I saw therapy as an investment, so even though it was expensive, the help I’d receive would be worth every penny in the long run. However, I am very lucky to still be living at home, with a full time job, so I could afford the expense. I understand that this isn’t possible for everyone, and it’s upsetting and frustrating that a lot of people can’t access necessary services because they can’t afford it. I’ve found a few alternatives and lifestyle changes that have been very helpful before, after, and in between therapy sessions. These are a fraction of the cost, and may keep you afloat while you wait to be seen on the NHS or save for private treatment.

  • Talk to someone

Conversation is a powerful tool, and one that is often overlooked. A trusted support network can get you through a tough time, and after a bad day sometimes a listening ear is all you need. Knowing you’re not alone and having someone in your life that you can vent to without judgement is probably the closest thing you’ll get to talking therapy.

  • Exercise

I know, I don’t like it either – but there’s no debate, exercise releases endorphins and reduces stress. I go for a run or take Angus on a long walk, the time outside in the fresh air makes me feel so energised and positive, and exercising also improves my body confidence and self-esteem. You might prefer something low impact like hiking or yoga, or you might enjoy the social aspect of a team sport instead of a solo workout. If you joined the gym years ago and have hated it ever since, find something you do like!

  • Meditate

Meditating is wonderful when I’m stressed or anxious. There are plenty of meditation tracks and videos on Spotify and YouTube, guided or unguided, that’ll completely change your state of mind in just a few minutes. If you’ve never tried it before or are sceptical, give it a try, because I was once sceptical too.

  • Listen to podcasts/Read self help books

These can be valuable insights into the world of psychology, how our minds work, and how to better manage our mental health. I’ve only read a few self help books, but I find reading such a great escape and stress buster anyway. I like listening to podcasts in the car on my way to work, because it puts me in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

  • Write it all down

How do you think I started this blog? Writing down my upsets, frustrations, and good times has been so rewarding and beneficial to my mental health. Getting all of the words out of my mind and on paper to analyse and reflect on, They’re also really great to look back on to see how far you’ve come. My counsellor and I called my notebook my ‘Paper therapist’!

I hope these tips help you while you are in the process of receiving treatment. If you can find the time to incorporate just one of these things into your everyday life, it’d make such a huge difference – believe me, I know! We all have mental health, and we owe it to ourselves to take care of it.

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7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Care For Your Mental Health

  1. Once again you have presented some really helpful tips my Darling!😘 Thankyou.
    I’ve never been the best at ‘talking to people’, but I’m hoping throughout the rest of 2018 I will begin allowing my mind and body to be free of any demons by freeing them into the open. I hope we both succeed at defeating any of these struggles throughout the near future. So proud of you Hunnie! xoxo


  2. I’m paying £60 per session, and absolutely worth it! For me – I have to be mindful of overdosing in self-help & similar material… I’ve found too much can cause me more distress 😐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I find it’s better to slowly introduce new lifestyle changes one by one instead of overhauling your entire life in one day. I’m so glad to hear that therapy is working for you! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I get overwhelmed pretty easily, so it’s all about “slowlyyyy does it” for me. Thank you! ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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