Failure Is An Option

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The uncertainty of the future can be a scary thing, it’s why I mostly hold back from going after what I really want because it’s ‘too risky’, but if we always held back, we’d never reach our full potential.

There’s lots of thing I’d love to do; when I daydream (which is often) I’ll imagine a different Zoe, one that lives much more freely than I do, who just does what she believes in without any real fear of failure. She’s educated, well travelled, and more confident than I am. Why can’t I be her?

We often say what we’d like to do if we won the lottery: Buy a house, travel the world, donate it all to charity, never work again. Why is this life always reserved to a far off fantasy? Is it because it’s actually unattainable, or because we make it so?

Currently, in February 2018, I have 29 locations on my travel bucket list. If I took one holiday every year (And that’s a luxury for a lot of people!) I’d be 51 by the time I’ve visited all the parts of the world I’ve always wanted to see, and I’m determined to do it. I will do it. I work a full time job that doesn’t fulfil me, but leaves me content enough to support me while I work towards the things that I really want to do. I suppose I could just quit my job and tick every location off the list before I’m 30, but that wouldn’t be reasonable, because there’s other things I’d like to do in life that require money as well. For me right now, it’s all about planning, and prioritising my goals. But without a doubt, if I knew I wouldn’t fail, I’d pack my bags and set off on the adventure of a lifetime around the world – I’m sure it would be unforgettable.

I’d move out of the town I’ve lived in for years, the place I’ve long outgrown, and plant my feet anywhere else that holds more excitement and promise, with a guarantee of a job I’d love, an affordable home, and a vibrant new city that’d offer me new opportunities. But nobody can guarantee all of that, can they? So you just have to roll the dice.

I’d also love to dive fully into my writing, be a full time mental health advocate & campaigner and writer, maybe publish a few books? I’ve been told before that I could write a book, that I should write a book, but what could I write about? Could I do it? What if it failed?

Failures in life give us an opportunity to learn; no matter how big or small. No life is perfect, none are without frustration or humiliation or loss. Everyone is scared of failure to some degree, but if we all lived in fear, none of us would really be living at all.

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17 thoughts on “Failure Is An Option

  1. Ah, another great post. Real world vs ideal world, eh… I hope you get to visit all of those places. I did a couple of last minute “Skyscanner” trips last year – and the plan is to do the same this year!

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  2. A great post. In the past I completely felt that way and I still feel that way a lot still (worried about the future). But I can truly say some of the most amazing things Ive done is taking the risks that I may fail. I left a job that made me very unhappy and traveled (by myself) then moved to a new city without a job I just had to believe it would all work out, even though I had my doubts (as well as some people I know). Sometimes you don’t realised how strong, until you push yourself to do the things that make you anxious.(as hard as it is at times)


  3. I’m in that stage at the moment and worrying about what the future holds, but do you know what you’re so right we cannot live in fear. I have two choices to make one to travel full time for a while or two to stay living with the family for another year to try and save funds to get my own home and to also enable me to get to the gym daily and lose the weight I need to lose! What do I choose? What if I do one and regret not doing the other! haha.

    That is my daily life struggle, but I know I will eventually make a decision and not be afraid of failing.

    I look forward to reading what comes next for you. x

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    1. It’s tough because if you choose one path you might wonder what life would have been like if you chose the other, but if you make a decision you believe in, stick with it! Who says you can only do one of those things?

      Thank you, and I look forward to hearing what comes next for you too!


  4. I was always taught to be a better loser but I never put that to practice in life. This was a post I needed, thank you for posting this 🙏

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  5. You’re right that we can learn from failures. Improve and go further. The only possibility to avoid failures is to do nothing. And this is the only real failure. All others are indeed just lessons learnt on the way to success.

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