Why Am I Not Happy?

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Depression doesn’t care what day it is, what time it is, where you are or who you’re with. A seemingly normal day can be flipped on its head when depression decides to drop by.

I’d had a great weekend: I’d been productive, I’d gone out shopping, watched a film at the cinema, and spent valuable quality time with family. I’d woken up the following Monday morning with a spring in my step, ready for the week ahead. Monday morning started well, but when the work began piling up, and it felt like more and more people were getting on my nerves, I began to withdraw and feel isolated. I muddled through the rest of my day, eager to go home.

‘It’s okay, just a one off’ I thought to myself – did I really believe that? I retreated to my bedroom after work, my one safe space. I sat alone, determined to get something out in writing, to salvage what I had left of the day and not feel like it was all a waste. I managed a paragraph. There was no other way to describe it, I just felt low. I didn’t feel like myself. I decided that instead of trying to force something positive out of the day, it would be best to call it a night and try again tomorrow.

I slept from 8pm to 5:30am (When my pug is awake, we’re all expected to be awake), and I felt no better, like I hadn’t slept at all, what was the point in an early night? I barely moved when I woke up, feeling like an extension of the bed, like I physically couldn’t get up. I’d planned to knock a few things off my to-do list that morning, to try and get me in the right frame of mind for the day ahead, but I just laid there; I laid there until I really couldn’t lay there a minute longer without being late for work.

I had barely parked my car at work when the same empty numbness washed over me once again. I didn’t want to be here at all. Time seemed slower than it was yesterday, painfully slow. By 10am, after working for one and a half hours, I was ready to go home, there was nothing I wanted more than to get out of that office, to stop hearing mindless chatter buzzing around the room, to literally be as isolated as I felt in my mind. I could have curled into a ball and cried, and typing this up now 8 hours later: I still feel like I could cry.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to stop it, it feels like my depression has been watching from the sidelines, waiting for the perfect moment to send me backwards. I’ve been taking my medication, I’ve been spending my time wisely, it’s a beautiful day today: Why am I not happy?

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4 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Happy?

  1. This is such a relatable read for me.

    I’ve been in this place for the last couple weeks. My mood has gone down for seemingly no reason — I’m still doing all of the things that I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing, but it hasn’t seemed to matter. Keep pushing through, I’ve been told that it should let up…!


  2. Silly wordpress will only let me use my Twitter to write a comment! (insert, me nearly breaking my computer in frustration.. here!)
    I’m so proud of you Darling. I know it may not seem so right now, but one day this darkened cloud will eventually move. It’s taking such a long time, because the sun behind is creating some amazing opportunities and lots of happiness for you! And, so it’s just taking a while. But, one day I’m 100% sure, you will be able to see that sun shine brighter than ever before.
    I’m always here for you Sweetie, day or night. Having depression can feel like the world is going through an apocalypse and you’re the only survivor. However, although you may feel that way… I’m right here! and I’m not going anywhere :)! You can pour your heart out to me, and I’ll be right there listening. Along with the fact that I’ll try to give some advice. (Not the best advice, most likely.. haha)
    Love you lots Hun. Sending big virtual hugs your way. xoxo

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