Why I Quit Facebook

About a year ago I gave up Facebook, and I haven’t looked back. I found Facebook to be more toxic than it was helpful, once a way to connect old friends and distant relatives quickly spiralled into a popularity contest.

  • Always glued to my phone

I lost so many hours that would have been better used on other tasks I had piling up, or just doing things I enjoy like reading and writing. I’d spend most mornings rushing around before work because I’d wasted an hour in bed just refreshing the timeline. Now I don’t use Facebook any more I have so much more free time!

  • I was ignoring the people around me

I didn’t appreciate the people around me as much because I was constantly drawn into the online world, and I’ve since learned to put my phone down and really listen to people, I value face to face interaction a lot more. I know this isn’t possible all the time, and technology has allowed us to communicate more, but sometimes it works against us, but why should I sit here messaging my mum when she’s literally in the next room?

  • Unhealthy comparisons

University graduates, exotic holidays, engagements, weddings, babies, nights out, dream jobs, expensive cars, their first home, and that perfect fucking mirror selfie. I felt like I was missing out on life while everyone else was living it. I came across a quote a while ago, and it really stuck with me:

“Don’t compare their highlight reel to your behind-the-scenes”

 People can create a perfect life on social media by choosing what they post, but you don’t know what happens beyond that. That couple just got engaged, but I bet they still argue. That girl just landed her dream job, but I bet she had to work ten shitty jobs before she got there. Don’t forget your own achievements while you’re drowning in everyone else’s. We’re all living our own lives, going down separate paths, at our own pace.

  • It’s my business

On the other hand, I don’t feel obliged to share every detail of my life on social media. The annual holiday photos, where I went at the weekend, what I wore, it’s fine if you like to share these things, but don’t feel as though you have to. Chances are, the people who care enough about you to want to know probably wouldn’t have found out through profile stalking anyway.


Since being off Facebook., I’ve found my confidence has improved, I have a lot more free time, and my head is clearer. Obviously this won’t be the same result for everyone, and just because I quit Facebook doesn’t mean you have to – it has its merits, just not for me. Some people find comfort in scrolling and seeing what everyone is up to, but be aware of any toxic or obsessive behaviours that emerge from it. Your mental health is far more important than a few likes.

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12 thoughts on “Why I Quit Facebook

  1. I’ve been thinking about quitting Facebook too for all of the reasons you listed here. I rarely use it anyway and need to keep a profile so that I can still use my ‘page’ for my small business but even then I’m rarely on it. It’s such a poisonous environment and some people can get really weird if you don’t accept them as a friend or something daft x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

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  2. It’s so true about taking up time. Over the years I’ve found myself using it less and less. The problem is that our phones now do more than ever before and we forget that there is much more to life than a screen.

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  3. I still have a facebook account but I check it maybe once a week as I find it neither useful or necessary. If something doesn’t add genuine value into our lives, it is best just to leave it behind us and I am glad to hear quitting Facebook has been a positive experience for you! Xx

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  4. I also came off Facebook about a year ago. Life is so much better without it. Ive not once been tempted to go back.

    I’ve attempted to quit Twitter a number of times, but that one seems to be a little more difficult. 😆

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  5. Thanks for posting this because I was just having this conversation with my family. I felt like Facebook was lowering my good vibrations!!! At first I couldn’t understand why, but then I realized most people use it to just post personal moments, but I’m not comfortable uploading photo upon photo of me and my family. I was posting mental health awareness articles and no one was even interested, but somehow were more interested in discussing shoes!! Okey dokey! 😀

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  6. I’ve felt like loosing the weight of facebook on my shoulders. It’s such a burden! I honestly only use it to post more than too many albums and share my disastrous nights out, lol!! But, other than that it just causes arguments, self hatred and breakups hard! Great post Darling xo

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    1. I was worried that I’d ‘miss out’ on so much, but now I’m more than happy living under a virtual rock! I haven’t deleted my account, but I haven’t actually used Facebook in almost a year now – if you’re on the fence, try it!


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